Artists Use Their Media to Voice Concerns About Privacy Intrusions

Artists are joining the conversation about privacy intrusions from drones and other surveillance mechanisms. A fiberglass sculpture of a U.S. military drone is now hovering 25 feet above New York’s iconic High Line. The sculpture is a commissioned work for the High Line Plinth. Modeled after London’s Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth, the project is intended to […]

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AI and Posthumous Digital Personas

Kazuo Ishiguro’s newest book, Klara and the Sun, is a work of fiction, but barely so. Klara is an AF, or artificial friend. Spoiler alert — her purpose is to study her owner so intensely that she can not only learn her habits and perform her activities but take on personality characteristics to the point […]

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EU Proposes Artificial Intelligence Regulations: What Does This Mean for the U.S.?

Carolyn Wimbly Martin and Ethan Barr

On Wednesday, April 21, the European Union (EU) officially set forth the “Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence,” more commonly referred to as the Artificial Intelligence Act (hereinafter, “the Regulation”). This set of rules would govern the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the jurisdiction of the EU. The Regulation […]

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