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To our clients, colleagues and friends: As fall begins - too soon for some of us - we continue to see a dizzying array of interesting developments in the realms of IP, privacy law, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Through this periodic newsletter, we endeavor to keep you informed of the most relevant and exciting ones. First, an update to a topic we have reported on p [ ... ]


We have written about the process of denaming and renaming schools and other institutions, public and private, as well as public spaces, both to erase associations with persons whose reputations have increasingly come into disfavor and to eliminate terms now considered derogatory.

As we approach the fall holiday (October 10, 2022) that has been known as Columbus Day [ ... ]


This is the third Insight in a series addressing how photographers can exploit and protect their rights. Read the first post here and the second post here.

Previously, we have discussed high-profile, ongoing copyright cases that photographers should be aware of as well as best practices that can help protect photographers against infringement. Here, we will discuss cert [ ... ]