United States v. Arthrex: Supreme Court Crafts a Creative Remedy for the Appointment of Patent Judges

The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided a landmark patent case. In United States v. Arthrex, Inc., the Court held that the appointment process of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”)’s administrative patent judges (“APJs”) was unconstitutional. The Court specifically considered whether APJs are “principal officers” who must be appointed by the President and confirmed by […]


Hail to the… Washington Football Team?

Jeannette M. Carmadella

The Washington Redskins made a widely-anticipated announcement last week that it was going to officially change its name and logo before the start of the new football season. Surprisingly though, the team did not have a new name selected at the time of the announcement, leaving fans and others to wonder why. Several news reports […]