The Lutzkers and Ben Sternberg Attend INBLF Prague Event

Arnie Lutzker and Jana Felixova, principal of Felix a spol, at Welcome Party at renovated Prague Town Hall

Arnie and Susan Lutzker, together with Ben Sternberg and his wife Rachel Cole, attended the INBLF’s annual conference in Prague November 16-18, 2023. This was the first post-pandemic “black tie” weekend for the network. It was attended by approximately 90 U.S., Canadian and international members and their guests. As president of INBLF, Arnie led a full program of business and social events, culminating in a formal evening at Prague Crossroads. Prague Crossroads is a spiritual and cultural center in the deconsecrated St. Anne’s Church, founded by St. Václav in 927 AD, and renovated by the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation. Eva Jiřičná, the architect of the renovation, addressed the WIN (Women’s International Network) of INBLF during the meetings. The INBLF event coincided with the 34th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, and attendees participated in the celebrations. The host firm, Felix a spol., arranged the weekend to introduce their guests to both the rich history of the city and its new hip vibe.

Ben Sternberg speaking at Next Gen session of conference program

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