Carolyn Wimbly Martin and Ethan Barr Quoted in The College Fix

The College Fix, a higher education news website, interviewed Carolyn Wimbly Martin and Ethan Barr for an article entitled “College quarterback offered $1million endorsement deal to transfer schools” to discuss the NCAA’s interim policy on name, image and likeness (NIL). Carolyn and Ethan addressed the likelihood that this offer, arguably from a “booster” organization, violated NCAA rules as well as Michigan law.  Since the NCAA officially changed its rules, the ambiguity of the policy and lack of federal NIL legislation have exposed how unprepared the NCAA has been for the inevitable ramifications of this change to their business model and its effect on student athletes, despite years of discussion. For more information on this evolving issue, see our Insights on the NCAA rule change. L&L will continue to follow developments in this area.

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