Arnie and Susan Lutzker Attend INBLF Summit in Barcelona

Arnie and I had the pleasure of attending the European summit of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms in Barcelona in June. In addition to a formal program featuring practice group meetings, the host firm, Pintó, Ruiz & del Valle, organized marvelous events, including a tour of the Gothic center of the city, a reception in their lovely offices, and a tour and lunch at the Torres wineries. We were stunned by the Gaudi architecture and by this very unique city, in which even the architecture is fun-loving and you can hardly find a straight line. As always, it was a pleasure to reconnect with colleagues and meet new friends, some of whom have recently joined the INBLF and were attending their first meeting. Prior to arriving in Barcelona, we spent several days in Germany on behalf of the Cultural Treasures Foundation exploring the possibility of a film and art exhibition from Dresden.