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Trademarks and Unfair Competition

The trademarks and service marks of a business – the words, names, symbols, designs and product configurations by which its goods and services are recognized – can be some of its most valuable assets. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping a wide variety of clients manage trademark selection, registration, licensing, and enforcement issues in the U.S. and working with foreign counsel on international trademark matters. This experience has been invaluable in applying traditional trademark principles to issues presented by the explosion of e-commerce and new media activities. The firm’s expertise includes the protection of trade dress, trade secrets, and non-traditional intellectual properties and resolution of disputes involving a wide variety of false advertising, infringement of publicity rights and other unfair competition claims. spacer


  • Defending a client’s contextual marketing program using “pop-up” ads from claims of trademark and copyright infringement.
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  • Litigating in federal court on behalf of legendary soul singer Sam Moore alleging that the 2008 film Soul Men infringed his trademarks, persona, and publicity rights.
  • Litigating in federal court on behalf of the creators of the award-winning STOMP ROCKET® toy against the manufacturers/importers and distributors of a knock-off, and also against national retailer Toys “R” Us, Inc. following that chain’s sale of a similar air rocket toy under an allegedly infringing name.
  • Advising online game sites and contextual advertising services on issues such as permissible use of third party trademarks and user-generated content.
  • Representing Music Makers Holdings LLC in a trademark infringement dispute with the operator of a New York music school over the ownership and use of the mark BACH TO ROCK for music education services, including managing trademark filings and domain name acquisitions for the company and the acquisition of pre-existing rights to the mark.
  • Securing cancellation of the trademark registration for FUTURE on behalf of online gaming company Future Ads.
  • Helping to secure cancellation of the trademark registration for the word INTERNET on behalf of the former U.S. government employee who coined the word for the web.
  • Protecting client interests in domain name disputes.
  • Managing the trademark portfolio of a large provider of telecommunications and ISP services to U.S. small cities and rural areas.