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The law of copyright is relevant to anyone who is a creator or user of creative works. Traditional copyright rules have been challenged by the evolution of digital media and the Internet, which render simple and universal the copying, dissemination and alteration of creative works. Interpreting these rules in today’s digital environment – and in appropriate cases bringing creative legal challenges to them – is at the heart of the firm’s practice.




  • Representing Crystal Cathedral Ministries in a copyright infringement claim in federal bankruptcy court by its founder, Reverend Robert Schuller, over ownership of the “Hour of Power” television series. The litigation resulted in a ruling that Reverend Schuller created the works as an employee of the Ministries and, that, therefore, the Ministries is their rightful owner.


  • Defending Kardwell International, a family-owned entertainment company, against allegations that Kardwell sold casino gaming layouts which infringed the copyright and trademark rights of mega-corporation Shuffle Master International.


  • Representing 88 LLC, a D.C. area multi-media production company, in a copyright and breach of contract suit against the Army contractor which had engaged it to create video modules to educate soldiers, their families and medics about traumatic brain injuries.



  • Litigating in federal court on behalf of Los Angeles screenwriter Yolanda Buggs against Dreamworks Animation and Paramount Pictures alleging copyright infringement of a screenplay she wrote as a graduate student at the American Film Institute.



  • Filing numerous amici briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeal on behalf of national library and educational associations concerning provisions of copyright law that govern copyright term and the rights of freelance authors, photographers and publishers to control the electronic republication of works and on behalf of economics professors in a peer-to-peer file-sharing case.


  • Defending a software company’s sale and distribution of innovative DVD backup and restoration software and the public’s fair use rights.



  • Guiding litigation in Europe establishing the precedent of moral rights protection for American filmmakers.


  • Representing the Directors Guild of America in legislative work on the National Film Preservation Act.



  • Successfully resolving a suit by Rudy K, a prominent Washington, D.C. photographer, against The Washington Blade, a leading newspaper for the gay and lesbian community for copyright infringement and breach of contract claims involving multiple unauthorized reproductions of his photographs in print and online.


  • Representing a satellite resale carrier in landmark litigation that established the cable industry’s right to deliver superstation programming to millions of cable subscribers.