In response to an initial motion to dismiss, Lutzker & Lutzker filed an amended complaint with exhibits (Part 1, Part 2) for A.I.M.E. and Ambrose Video Publishers, detailing more claims and facts against UCLA.  In response to a challenge of state sovereign immunity against copyright infringement, the Amended Complaint added as defendants the individuals involved in the streaming process and the President of the University of California System, as chief IP law official of UC.  The Amended Complaint clarified the contractual and copyright claims of both A.I.M.E. (as an association representing its members) and Ambrose, as owner of all exclusive rights to the DVDs it licensed to UCLA, and detailed the contractual breaches by the University.  The filing of the Amended Complaint made the motion to dismiss moot, and the Court will reset the dates for the Defendants’ filing an answer.